About me


As accomplished Software Developer/Architect with many years experience at variety of industries, I have a lot of knowledge to share. I teach, couch and consult software developers and teams.  

How can I help you?

Below short list of topics, I'm interested in
  • Coaching and code review sessions.
  • Software Architecture Analysis and Evaluation.
  • Setup of software development and delivery process for your company.
  • Due diligence report and code evaluation.

Skills summary

I'm developing software for last 14 years, generally with Microsoft technology stack. Mostly, I worked for startup companies, witch allowed me to get exposed and learn new technology trends.

I gained experience in variety of IT sectors: fintech, gaming and marketpalces. 
In short:

  • 14 years programming experience.
  • 9 years working in startup companies.
  • Architecture of distributed systems.
  • Complete understanding of project development life cycle.
  • Complete understanding of object-oriented and service-oriented application development methods and theories.
  • Ability to perform debugging, performance profiling and optimization
  • Ability to handle a team of developers and testers.
  • Ability to handle outsource projects.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

Technical skills:

  • Languages: C#, VB.NET, C/C++, VB6, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML.
  • Databases: SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, MongoDb.
  • Skills: front-end and backend development, web development, distributed systems cloud computing, ASP.NET MVC and WEBAPI
  • Frameworks:  angular.js,  jquery,  node.js, bootstrap
  • Platform : Windows,Windows Azure, Linux


My name is Alexander Lvovich. I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 1979. My first meet with computer was at age 12 when my father built Spectrum ZX for me. I used it for games, of course, and never could imaging becoming software developer. 

At age 14, me and my family moved to Israel. Went to school and learned new language and new life. As a child in foreign country I started work on some odd jobs to help my family. I worked as flower seller, cleaner, carrier and more.

During my teenage period I was really interested in computers and related stuff. I learned how to fix them how to assembly computer, how to install software and etc. At 1999 I started my own business as PC technician. For 19 year old boy I didn't have proper experience and skills, I closed it after half an year. I thought then it was failure, however I learned a lot and gained priceless experience.

My first real job was in startup called Nogatech as system administrator. From that moment I decided to study Computer Sciences. When I was in school, I was planning to study an architecture, but those days I was excited about the technology. Israel at end of 90's, was crowded with new startups and new ideas. Of course, I dreamed to take a part in it. And I did.  

I studied at Champlain College evening studies, in parallel working in M-systems(acquired by SanDisk) company as software engineer - The type of companies there hardware and software actually meet. That was actually my first and the last experience working for such sector of industry.

2007 I joined startup TriviaOnNet as a developer, my personal "startup adventure" is officially started.   

Some facts about me

  • I'm father of two beautiful kids: daughter Yasmin and son Ethan.
  • I was born in most beautiful city in the world Saint-Petersburg.
  • I studied in art school, these were most excited years for me as a student. 
  • I'm big fan of technology, great innovative ideas and arts

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